kick ass places


Barney's Beanery
250 N. 1st Street
(818) 524 - 2912


Cortlands Garage
1645 W. Cortland Street.
(773) 862 - 7877

Mrs O'Leary's Pub & Grill
4368 N. Millwaukee Ave.
(773) 427 - 7300


Joshua Tree
256 Elm Street
(617) 623 - 9910

Las Vegas

699 N Stephanie Street
(702) 433-6339

Mystic Lodge Casino
920 S. Boulder Highway


Buffalo Billiards
201 East 6th Street
(512) 479-8665

Texas Bar & Grill
14611 Burnet Road
(512) 255-2229

need to know

Having Frat Party Games become part of your joints entertainment is wicked easy.  
All you need is a Nintendo Wii and our games can easily be downloaded on it.  No disks to keep track of or anything.
Start having your Wii Nights and Pong Toss Pro has a built in tournament mode.  Couldn't be simplier.

Charity & Fund Rasiers

Do you have a charity or fund rasiser event that you would like us to be a part of?

We'll come down, setup a couple of systems and get the crowd involved.  We'll put on some tournaments and do whatever it takes to help your event be a success.
Just contact us and if our schedual is open... booooYaaa...