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Release video of Dart Rage for the Nintendo WiiWare
Our pre-release video for Pong Toss Pro on WiiWare.
This is a very fun video we found on the internet.  It highlights Richard Blumenthals dishonesty about his Vietnam career and ties it in with his campaign against Beer Pong on the Nintendo Wii. Contrary to popular belief, we didn't create this video but we fully support it!
If you were following the controversy that Richard Blumenthal started, then you might have seen this interview of us by Las Vegas Weekly.
During the Beer Pong controversy, NBC Channel 3 news did a full report and an interview of us.
Fox 5 news reports on the controversy of Beer Pong.
During the crazy Beer Pong controversy, our very own Vini was invited down to Fox 5 studios to debate our Pong Toss game with Richard Blumenthal.  This aired nationally. Poor Vince has never been on TV before but he did a great a job :-)
Prime Time news aired a public report and discussion on Pong Toss.   They got Richard Blumenthals side of the story but unfortunately they never even tried to get a hold of us for our point of view. They did post our quote but we were never given the opportunity for rebuttal.